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Can a garden hose be a piece of art?

As it turns out YES! The garden hoses from the Swedish company Gaden Glory is absolutely a piece of art. They are playful, colorful and the quality is great too. The garden hoses comes packaged like a handbag and there are great wall mounted hose holders for them as well. Some sporting the more classic sober look and some designed like claws or reindeer antlers.

Great looking golf shirts

It's quite commmon that with a business and art sense comes a taste for golf. Golfing apparel has always been clean, stylish and fashionable. Just check out the great selection of golf shirts from Galvin Green.

Except looking great on the green, golf is also a great sport for exercise. Most people exceed 10.000 steps during a regular 18-hole round golf. And it offers a great challenge for both newcomers and professionals alike and is good for all ages.

Interior Design

There really is so many things to do that makes your home "pop", that gives your home that little extra something. When we talk about interior design we talk about furniture, the garden, wallpapers, art, technical appliances. There is so much that raises your home to the next level.

Gardening & Design

A big part of your home is your garden. One part of your garden design is to take care of it, make sure your grass is green and reguarly mowed. That your flowers and other plants grow and are healthy. But also plan your garden! Are you looking to build a patio? To make a zen garden? Build a pool? Or just add something extra? Always make sure you plan everything first.


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